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Beginner English Date:11-Dec-2023 | Time: 5 pm
Course description

3 week training with certificate.

Pioneers in skill oriented education

Industrial standard curriculum

Hands-on projects

Qualified teachers with good teaching experience

100% job oriented program

Learning objectives

SolidWorks remains a widely used and industry-standard software in various fields such as mechanical engineering, product design, and manufacturing.

Proficiency in SolidWorks enhances your employability, as many employers seek candidates with skills in this software for roles related to 3D modeling, simulation, and design.

 SolidWorks offers features for design automation, enabling the creation of parametric models and the efficient customization of designs.

With the ongoing evolution of Industry 4.0, SolidWorks skills are valuable for connecting design and manufacturing processes.

Learning SolidWorks enhances your professional development, providing a valuable skill set that can lead to career advancement.

SolidWorks is versatile professional in the field of design and engineering.

SolidWorks is regularly updated with new features and improvements.

Course syllabus

Introduction to solidworks


Sketch tools

Sketch editing tools

Part features like extrude revolve sweep loft

Edit part features

Assembly modelling

Assembly management

Basics of surface modelling

Basics of sheet metal design

Basic drawing views

Standard drawing views

Basic dimensions and annotations

₹4999 ₹11999

Program details

Start Date: 11-Dec-2023
Effort: 1 hour(s) per day
Price: 4999
Certificate: Yes
Level: beginner
Language: english
Time: 5 pm-6 pm
Class Dates : 11/12/2023
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