Instructor-Led Virtual Training

Beginner English Date:11-Dec-2023 | Time: 10 am
Course description

3 week training with certificate.

Pioneers in skill oriented education

Industrial standard curriculum

Hands-on projects

Qualified teachers with good teaching experience

100% job oriented program

Learning objectives

What is AutoCAD?

   AutoCAD is a platform for all types of designers- architects, interior designers, and engineers to draft drawings or designs digitally, with ease and accuracy. All kinds of designs from simple to complex can be created on a single platform that is supported by cloud storage and artificial intelligence. You can work on large projects with big teams by collaborating with everyone in real-time to create amazing designs on the go.

What is the use of AutoCAD?

    AutoCAD is used to design, draft, and plan technical designs and drawings in the professional space by engineers, interior designers, and architects. Through AutoCAD, designing is possible in any dimension and in any unit as well. AutoCAD helps to create visuals or designs relevant to even fields like fine arts or mathematics. Creative pieces like interiors, garments, graphics, or sets meant for shooting or display as well as something very technical such as electric systems, tools, and maps related to civil engineering can be created using AutoCAD

Course syllabus

1. Introduction to engineering drawings

2. File management

3. Display control

4. Drawing tools

5. Drafting basic geometric shapes in AutoCad

6. Advanced drafting and modifying tools in AutoCad

7. Layer management Hatching techniques

8. Isometric drawings

9. Dimensions, Text, Table Creation

10. Parametric drawings

11. Application of blocks and attributes

12. Introduction to plotting

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Program details

Start Date: 11-Dec-2023
Effort: 1 hour(s) per day
Price: 2999
Certificate: Yes
Level: beginner
Language: english
Time: 10 am-11 am
Class Dates : 11/12/2023
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