SolidWorks is one of the most widely used 3D CAD tools in the industry.

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Learning objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, students can apply for the jobs related to Product detailing & design
  • we help you master the following capabilities of SOLIDWORKS: Sketcher, Parametric solid modeling
  • free-form surface modeling, styling, and computer aided industrial design, engineering drawing and drafting
  • product and manufacturing information, knowledge based engineering, sheet metal design, assembly modeling, weldment design, rendering with photoworks.
  • Covers creation, retrieval and modification of 3-D and layout drawings using basic SolidWorks commands.
  • Includes skills needed to create parametric models of parts and assemblies, generate dimensioned layouts, and Bill of Materials of those parts and assemblies.

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Course description

The SOLIDWORKS CAD software is a mechanical design automation application that

lets designers quickly sketch out ideas, experiment with features and dimensions, and

produce models and detailed drawings. Introduces design concepts, SOLIDWORKS

terminology, and provides an overview of help options. Demonstrates design methods,

tools, and features commonly used to make parts. Shows how to add parts to an

assembly, specify mates, and use in-context design methods. Discusses drawing sheet

formats, views, dimensions, annotations, and bills of materials. Surface modeling,

weldments design for structural member, sheetmetal design, photo realistic renderings

of parts. Examines add-in applications, utilities, and other resources to complete

advanced tasks. Every session provides with detailed explanation of the commands and

tools in solidworks. This approach allows the user to understand and use the tool in an

efficient manner.3D modeling is being preferred not only by customers, but also by engineers

and designers because they offer many advantages over the traditional 2D design. So, you

need to learn 3D CAD and SolidWorks is one of the most widely used 3D CAD tools in the

industry. SolidWorks can help you convert your ideas into product designs quickly, and effectively. 

Eligibility criteria
  • Pursuing/completed Diploma / Engineering in Mechanical & related streams
  • Working Professionals interested in learning the software

18 Lessons 08:50:11 Hours
Solidworks Lessons
18 Lessons 08:50:11 Hours
  • Photoworks 00:10:23
  • Sketch- Session 1 00:07:35
  • Sketch -Session 2 00:25:08
  • Sketch -Session 3 01:00:14
  • Introduction to Part Modelling 00:28:47
  • Part Modelling - Loft 00:48:55
  • Part Modelling -Curves 00:21:45
  • Part Modelling -Chamfer 00:23:19
  • Part Modelling - Linear Pattern 00:46:05
  • Assembly Modelling - Standard mate 00:49:40
  • Assembly Modelling - Advanced mate 00:38:10
  • Assembly Modelling - Top down assembly 00:15:33
  • Surface Modelling 00:37:13
  • Drafting 00:20:59
  • Drafting - creating Dimensions 00:08:27
  • Drafting - Inserting The Annotations 00:18:18
  • Sheetmetal Design 00:54:02
  • Weldments 00:15:38
  • Solidworks pdf notes
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