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Learning objectives
  • How to establish good social system
  • How to determine the motivation level of employees system
  • How to identify reason for effective organizational development
  • How to maintain organizational environment favorable for the works.
  • How to increase morale of the employees
  • How to understand roles n responsibility of different department
  • How to increase productivity in an organisation.

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Course description
Its such a discipline which provides behavior list to find out some ways and means a view to establish acceptable behavior. 

Eligibility criteria
  • Any graduate, those who are studying/ completed MBA, BBM, BCOM, Company Secretory can learn this course
  • Those who want to start up companies can also learn

6 Lessons 02:01:20 Hours
1 Lessons 00:23:11 Hours
  • Session 1 00:23:11
  • Mission & Vision 00:21:35
  • Hierarchy Structure 00:24:53
  • Diversity in Work Place 00:15:07
  • Tall & Flat Organization and its Management 00:17:36
  • Layers of Management 00:18:58
  • Pdf Notes
  • Multiple choice Questions
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Updated Thu, 03-Dec-2020
Trainer profile


I strongly believe purpose is the reason for your journey, Passion is the fire that lights your way. When I was a child I was encouraged by my dad to venture into new activities, got to spend lot of time with my dad , who used to involve me in his surgeries , operation theaters office meetings. Being part of his touring. It was very unusual for a kid of my age, but I absolutely loved it. I believe these experiences have added a lot to make me who I am today. Especially the passion that I developed in learning new skill, adaptive nature, multitasking skill, always love to be associated with mother nature to learn more at an early age & having an opportunity to have shadowed my father was truly the best lesson that I could have ever asked for .

                             “Rashmi quips”

Having found a leader in her father herself, Rashmi talks about her own leadership approach. It’s a beautiful thing when a career & passion comes together & when there is a leadership capacity to translate vision into reality, is more ambitious. She believes everyone has a voice, a point of view, has to be addressed & heard. IT doesn’t matter if you agree with it but its important that point of view is out there because that lead healthier discussion & decision. Empowering people & respecting them is very important because everyone is ambitious & passion & it is important to nurture. 


As an young entrepreneur I decided to put my foot down in an manufacturing field where I could use my knowledge and research on manufacturing process that suited me. I believe one should not have choose between jobs. Its should be without any compromise. Operating on dual model B2B and B2C, start up customers, in beginning I had to deal with all types of skilled , unskilled & semiskilled people. Understanding the products and make it happen was a complete challenge. Challenges long way, hails from Doctors family, entrepreneurship was still running in my blood. Even as a child, she recalls her  grandfather telling her about the independence in being your own boss than working for someone else. She believes that the entrepreneurial seed may have been sown then. 

Raising above challenges

First foot step with at quality dept., dedicated six months to lab and field trials before rolling out my roles, bootstrapped for a year and was able to learn micro level ways, understand what’s passion and what’s work dedication. With no restrictions on movement, I was able to learn and explore the raw things of a manufacturing segment. An ordinary to extra ordinary women. ‘’ Where there is a will ,there is a way’’ my will to reach to next level, was the gate way from quality head to DIRECTOR of the company and with great passion scripted my journey along with my team. Effects of my roles nourished me to resolve the issues with action plans and bridge the gap of market and our customers with strategic solution taking the company to next level of operation.  While with holding on to my passion emerged an new surfboard and started training. Fueling my professional and personal growth … 



Rashmi is where she wanted to be, she walks the talks where education is not the learning on facts, but the training of the mind to think. Raising blended learners demonstrates the vision & creativity. This influence also charted a clear path for SKILL CLUSTER,  being a Bengaluru – based entrepreneur would say, we want to create a mile stones in innovative learning process, I believe there is huge scope in training & working on customization of bigger walls hangings, creating jobs , suit our self in all fields, my most interesting learning is unite  INDIA across demographics, regions, and religions and create more START UP entrepreneurs. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, as long as you have a dream & vision that you are extremely passionate about, & as long as you are committed you will find the ability to do all that it takes, & do all that you have to .

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