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For Fashion Designing

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Learning objectives
  • To introduce the concept of digital drawing
  • To develop professional work using expert skills and knowledge to upgrade oneself to the next level of career
  • To provide a foundation to drawings and illustrations using Adobe Illustrator

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Course description

This course prepares a beginner to investigate the field of digital illustration using

Adobe Illustrator which is one of the most professionally used software worldwide in the

field of design. It lays a foundation on tools and terminologies, creating a path for creative

exploration in fashion design. It allows the student to become an expert by understanding

the standards of the industry and working towards creating professional outputs. As a

fashion designer, the core elements and tools required for designing are different from

other fields of design and it is important to learn Adobe Illustrator according to

what is relevant to a fashion designer. This beginner level course will provide all the

basic information required for a person with absolutely no background knowledge about the software. 

Eligibility criteria
  • No previous experience necessary Need to be creative and imaginative
  • Working Professionals interested in learning the software
  • Those who have got formal education in Fashion Design or have a passion to explore fashion illustration
  • A basic knowledge in computer is a must as Adobe Illustrator is a software which has common basic menus similar to other softwares like MS Word and Paint

30 Lessons 14:38:46 Hours
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
1 Lessons 00:21:30 Hours
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 00:21:30
  • Adobe Illustrator Basics and Interface 00:30:23
  • Part 1 00:28:01
  • Part 2 00:25:44
  • Panels 00:30:38
  • Part 1 00:28:57
  • Part 2 00:27:11
  • Part 3 00:29:33
  • Part 4 00:29:27
  • Part 5 00:29:14
  • Part 6 00:30:17
  • Part 7 00:29:06
  • Part 8 00:30:01
  • Part 9 00:31:19
  • Part 10 00:30:00
  • Understanding Folds 00:32:16
  • How to Illustrate Shirts? 00:24:59
  • How to Illustrate T-Shirts 00:28:13
  • How to Illustrate Dresses? 00:29:42
  • How to Illustrate Skirts? 00:31:10
  • How to Illustrate Shorts? 00:29:57
  • How to Illustrate Trousers? 00:33:36
  • How to Illustrate Jackets? 00:31:31
  • Range Development 00:28:50
  • Accessories 00:30:54
  • Face Illustrations for Beginners 00:30:09
  • Design Tech Packs 00:29:39
  • Mood Boards 00:30:48
  • Application of Colour 00:25:35
  • Story Boards 00:30:06
  • Adobe Illustrator PDF Lessons
  • Adobe Illustrator Multiple Choice Questions
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Trainer profile

Hi, I am Alka Manoj. As a graduate in Fashion Design, I have gained professional skills in digital softwares throughout my journey as a designer. I currently work in the educational sector providing knowledge gained in different aspects of fashion design, mainly on the practical edge of concept and design development, fashion illustrations, pattern making and portfolios.

Being from a creative background and with a chance to travel around the world has led to my understanding of the importance of digital softwares in the training of fashion design. Many of you might have graduated with a fashion degree, however might not be experts in this field due to the limited time available between rushing to complete projects and assignments in university.


I am passionate in spreading knowledge specifically on skills required to advance oneself in the present digital scenario. I also believe that through digital applications and platforms my skills and experience can be shared with students studying worldwide.

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